No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins is one of the most important tools in acquiring players for online casinos. With this there is a lot of free spins to pick up and a lot of casinos to try out. At we have reviewed all UK casinos and their no deposit casino bonuses and free spins. In this article, you will find not only loads of free spins at the various UK casinos but also best practise in how to play them and the various differences between the different no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

There are two main categories of no deposit bonuses that you can acquire by signing up to the different online casino rooms. One is the no deposit bonus where the casino will give cash to try out the various games on their site. The other one is free spins where you will get a set amount of spins on a particular game in order to check out the casino. The latest one is the most popular one and what the casinos most often use. People seem to love their free spins.

Most free spins are given on Netent’s smash hit slot Starburst. It has one of the lowest costs per spin, a low max exposure for the casino and a high hit frequency. In fact, Netent produced the slot solely for acquisition purposes for the online casino and what a success it has been. Launched in 2012 the slot is still one of the most played slots in Europe.

No Deposit Free Spins UK

The table below shows the most popular and reliable casinos that offer free spins no deposit in the UK.

How Does a no Deposit Free Spin Bonus Work?

When you have created an account at a casino that gives away no deposit casino bonuses you usually get them straight away in the account where you can start playing their various games. The amount can be everything between 5-10 pounds. With this, you can choose how much you would like to play pr. spin and which slot to spend your money in. It goes without saying that you will be able to play multiple slots before the money runs out.

How does a no deposit bonus work?

With a free spin bonus, on the other hand, the no deposit bonus is locked to one particular slot. The bet amount is set, usually to the lowest level and range between £0.10 – £0.50 pr. spin. A much cheaper bonus for the casinos as the usually just give out between 10-30 free spins. Although a smaller bonus it seems to be a much more popular way to acquire the players. When the free spins are over you can play any slot or casino game.

Wagering Requirements

Almost all no deposit free spins or bonuses come with a wagering requirement. This means that you have to turn over your bonus winnings a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your cash. The casinos we list on this site all have pretty fair terms and conditions on their no deposit bonuses. Make sure you check out the wagering requirement before you start playing. Calculating the wagering requirement is fairly easy most casinos do it for you but sometimes you have to count it out yourself.

Let’s say a wagering requirement is set to 40X which is most common. You get £10 in free bonus or from your free spins. It means you have to turnover £4000 before you can withdraw your money. By turning over. Ex. Spin 100 times on a £4 bet. It sounds almost impossible when we put it like this with only £10 to play for but it can be done. We have many times manage to cash out on our no deposit bonuses.

How to Play with Your no Deposit Free Spins Bonus?

You need to know what slots to play in order to win. First of all, stay away from all slots that are progressive jackpots or is what they called a premium slot. A premium slot is games like Motörhead, gun’s n’ roses, Superman, Spiderman etc. Those slots that sound super fun and to be fair they are as well. But the fact remains that these slots usually pay out less to the players due to the loyalty fee that needs to be paid as well to the various bands and companies that owns the rights to these franchises.

First up in order to have a chance of winning some substantial money from your no deposit free spins bonus you need to hit a semi or big win. We recommend either Reel g Rush or Drive. Their volatility rating is set on medium which means you will hit big wins fairly simple and win a fair amount of money. Their hit frequencies in the bonus games are also quite high and with that in combination with the volatility, it will not give you those amazing life-changing wins but a fair amount. After you have boosted your bankroll it is time to focus on the turnover.

free spins no deposit

This is where it gets a bit simpler. Simply play 0.5% of your bankroll on a low volatility slot with a high RTP (return to player) and high hit frequency. For this, we usually use Blood Suckers or Starburst. It will take you a while but luckily there is an auto spin button so while spinning you can do other things important in your life as well.

Read the Terms and Conditions

The most important thing is to read the terms and conditions. There are always rules in the casino that you have to obey when playing your bonus money. Without these, the risk for the casino is too great and they would not be able to give out these no deposit bonuses. The ones that are most common is the max bet and max win.

Max bet is when you are limited in playing, for example, £5 pr. spin over exceeding this limit will for sure void all your bonus money. So stay below the max bet and you will be fine when it is time to withdraw.

Overall, max win is a rule that we think is a bit unfair but exists in the most casinos. It can range between £200 – £1000 depending on the casino which means that if you win £1500 on a casino that has a max winning limit of £1000, you will only get £1000 and the casino will keep the £500.

Other rules that may apply is the games exclusion rules. Almost all casinos have excluded table games from the wagering requirements since it is easy to turn over your cash in roulette or blackjack. various casinos also exclude slots like bloodsuckers and other high RTP slots in order to not have people abusing their no deposit bonuses and raise their edge to not have too many winners.

To summarize, if you follow these rules and make sure you provide all the correct details when creating your account, you will be fine when the time comes to cash out your no deposit bonus winnings.