FootStock Bonus & Casino Review

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FootStock Bonus & Casino Review

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NameFootStock Bonus & Casino Review
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After being crowdfunded for the colossal amount of £250k, smashing the initial £5,000 target, FootStock, a mobile-based platform, is entering the online gambling world quite dynamically.

The newly-launched football betting app seems to stand out from others by combining the best of three products, namely FIFA Ultimate Team, Fantasy Premier League, and Football Index while adding online gambling to the equation in a very interesting way.

Many football fans believe Footstock is going to be a game changer. The app not only enables users to trade players with real money, build their team, and use players for Fantasy Football Tournaments but also opens new avenues for more profits by allowing them (the users) to use their players to gamble in the casino and win even more players.

A great way to capitalise on your football knowledge indeed, especially if enticing FootStock bonuses are involved.

Footstock Review

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How to use FootStock

The application has several layers and plenty of things to do. Besides opening player packs and joining Tournaments, which gives you the chance to grab legendary cards and generous rewards, you can also head to the Market and trade players (0% trading commission), pretty much the same way you would do with a stock market like the Football Index market.

The goal is to sell high and buy low. Then, there is the Footstock casino that is expected to feature a wide array of games.

For the time being, Stat Roulette is only available, which allows you to win the opponent you find at the casino after entering a challenge. This is achieved after the app generates a random statistic for the competition.

Footstock ReviewDetails
Welcome BonusNot available
Other benefitsPrizes and rewards
Payment methodPlayers Packs, a virtual currency
Type of CasinoMobile casino

FootStock Bonuses

Another function of the casino is the prizes the platform offers to users after they complete various rewards. Footstock bonuses will most likely range between Player Packs, Deposit Bonuses, and Cash Balances while you may also have the opportunity to complete specific tasks and win specific player cards.

Although there is no actual Footstock bonus that you could benefit from at the time of this writing, the rewards scheme is quite promising.

However, Trophies are expected to be enabled in the coming days, where you will be able to collect special coupons and different rewards, such as free entry into tournaments and more.

Footstock Rewards

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How to Register with FootStock Casino

Signing-up to the casino client is a straightforward process:

  • Tap on the small arrow icon on the top right-hand corner of your mobile screen.
  • Select the Registration option to open the sign-up form.
  • Fill out the required fields (email, username, and password).
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
  • Hit Register to submit your registration.

The Next Day

Although a relatively new product that counts less than a month into existence, FootStock might as well be the future of sports betting and online gambling. Thanks to products that seem indeed pioneering (never again has a platform blended the casino experience with football betting), the football app could breathe a gust of fresh air into players’ casino endeavours.

The final outcome, though, will depend (as always) on whether casino and football fans embrace it or not.

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